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Based in Athens, Georgia, The Normaltown Flyers have been playing their good time/up tempo music since 1979. Favorite quote- "It's Country but it's not. It's Folk but it's not. It's Rock and Roll but it's not." The band finally settled on calling it "Pickup Truck Rock and Roll." Nuff said! Band members are Brian Burke - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars. Tom Ryan - bass, vocals, and saxophone. Davis Causey -  electric guitar and vocals. For the last several years Deane Quinter - on drums and percussion. The latest addition is Tim White who fills out the sound on keyboards. Through the years John Keane (of John Keane studios) has been very instrumental in helping the band with recordings and occasionally joins them on stage. 


No Flyers show is complete without Mike "Bubba" Paulk. He currently serves as ambassador for the Flyers at most shows, and was the Road Manager during the Mercury/Nashville years. When talking about the Flyers it is difficult to leave out the endearing charm of "Bubba." If you come to a show, look around for him. He'll be there helping the guys with the gear or whatever else needs to be done.


The Flyers gained popularity with their regular performances at Allen's in Athens, Georgia and in other regional venues. In 1989 they attracted the attention of legendary Nashville producer Harold Shedd. Harold signed the band to Mercury/Nashville in 1990. They produced two CDs and two excellent videos for "Rockin' The Love Boat" and "Country Boy's Dream." The projects were well received critically, but were not hits with the CD buying public and the record deal ended in 1993. Currently the group performs regionally at all types of functions, clubs and concerts. Also Tom Ryan and Brian Burke do an excellent acoustic duo that is well represented by the two-man CD "Cheers Y'all!"  


Due to health reasons, performances by the Flyers have become quite rare, but there is always the annual night before Thanksgiving show, referred to as "The Official

Kick-Off Of The Holiday Season!" This show takes place at The Foundry located in downtown Athens, GA. 


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