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Play Somethin' I Like


1. It Has To Be You

2. All-American Boy

3. Louisianna Girl

4. Nothing But A Rainy Day

5. I Can't Fall In Love Again

6. Buyin' Drinks

7. Down Here In Birmingham

8. Down On The Riverbank

9. I'm Satisfied

10. I Don't Mind Being Free

11. Any More Than I Do




Side One - 

1. Dancin' The Night Away

2. It's Not Working Out

3. The White Trash Song (See Rock City, U.S. Hiway 41)

4. Some Girls Just Seem To Understand

5. Dead Flowers

6. Bye Bye Baltimore

Side Two-

1. The Race Is On

2. Jump Back Baby

3. I Just Couldn't Stay Away

4. Kinda Hard On Me

5. Dooley

6. Baby, Ride Easy (Hitch-up The Chuck Wagon)


Cheers, Y'all!


1. Small Town Saturday Night

2. Dooley

3. One Kind Word

4. $20 Bill

5. One Of These Days

6. So Blue, So True, So Long

7. Working Your Magic

8. Matchbox

9. Honkytonk Hall Of Fame

10. Forever's Not Long Enough

11. He Taught Me To Play Guitar

12. Easy To Say

13. Paint The Town Blue

14. Old Chunk Of Coal

15. All Shook Up

16. Living In The Past

17. Dead Flowers

18. Dancing The Night Away

19. Anything For You

20. The White Trash Song (U.S. Highway 41)

21. Smoke Along The Track


30 Seconds Over Nashville


1. Betting On A Sure Thing

2. Dance With Me, Honey

3. I Was Your Moon

4. Walking On The Edge

5.Honkeytonk Romance

6.. Play Me Or Trade Me

7. Heather Come Help Me

8. I Don't Want To Know

9. Hank Wore Him A Hat

10. Back Of Your Mind

11. Feel Like I Felt

12. Stripping For A Blind Ma

13. Trace Of A Hope

14. Don't Call Susan

15. A Thousand Miles Away


16. One Of These Days

17. Fovever's Not Long Enough

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7x7 Always Remember


1. A Good Idea At The Time

2. Always Remember

3. Honkeytonk Hall Of Fame

4. She's Not What You Need

5. Pretty Close To Nothing

6. Semi-Retired

7. No Clue

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